Welcome, fellow nerds!

Do you love Anime, board games, comics, the fantasy and science fiction genres, gaming, graphic novels, LARP, Manga, MMOs, movies & TV shows, RPGs, Steampunk, Tabletop … ? Graz has a vibrant nerd community with various “Stammtische” (regular meetups at pubs or restaurants), social clubs and more. Although the language spoken at these is generally German, nerds from all over the world are very welcome 🙂 and you will always find people to chat with in English!

nerdkulturgraz.at auf Deutsch
trekdinner GRAZ
The Amazing Nerdquiz
Anime & Manga Kulturverein Graz
Brony Stammtisch Graz
Commodore Treffen Graz
eSports Graz
Game Development Graz
Die grinsenden Greife
Grazer LARP Stammtisch
Konsole Schauspielhaus Graz
Masters of Tabletop
Perry Rhodan Stammtisch Graz (PRSG)
RPG Stammtisch Graz
Tolkien Stammtisch Graz "Styriadrim"
Wirr-Warr - der Grazer Comic-Stammtisch

If you have any questions, please contact Max via e-mail:

nerdkulturgraz.at auf Deutsch